A baby's development within a year

The first year of a baby's life is the most important developing stage of its life. Constant changes occur within seconds at a time and slowly communication skills are developing as well as habits and senses.

The first 3 months of a baby’s life are mostly about bonding. While the mother breastfeeds the child, the baby often looks into the mother’s eyes. Through this bonding process the baby remembers the mother’s face and feels safe and comforted. Skin to skin contact with mother and child is another important factor during early months. The baby remembers the mother's scent and recognizes her voice.

During months 4-6, we see the baby develop new characteristics such as crawling, making high pitch noises, laughing/smiling and trying to form words like ba-ba-ba or da-da, that melt everyone heart.

During these months the baby also learns how to use manual skills such as wanting to crab, touch and out every possible thing they find in their mouth. To add, the baby’s teeth might also start to develop and are slowly working their way to the top which can be very uncomfortable for the child.

From 7-9 months, during this time there are certain groups available for babies to meet each other and crawl around. This varies on how far developed your child is, yet not every baby likes to be surrounded by many different people and communicate. It has also been said that parents that spend most of their time around phones, computers and TV’s are less likely to communicate with their children and bring their kids into the same behavior habits as them.

9-12 Months, during the final stage of the first year of a baby’s life we see how the baby becomes more independant, and wants things to go his/her way. This is also the time where the babys notices how to play around and control parents, usually to get attention or something in their favor. It is important to spend much time with your baby during this time to understand and control little situations right away. Using words such as Yes and No to differentiate between right and wrong.

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