All about HiPP Dutch

There are many contributors as to why HiPP Dutch is a very popular choice for baby formula among mother’s. HiPP Dutch includes no Maltodextrin or Soy Lecithin, which are food additives. Maltodextrin is usually made from corn, rice or potato starch and is easily digested as well as distributed in the bloodstream quickly. The downside to Maltodextrin is that it causes an increase in fat storage and can cause side effects especially if over consumed in infants. While soy Lecithin is a fat that cells need to maintain their health. Yet some do not like the ingredient due to some people arguing that it is artificial and does sometimes cause side effects such as nausea and diarrhea.

Aside from the perfected ingredients, the packaging is modernized by using new tin containers which not only allow for better storage but also for more formula. HiPP Dutch holds 900 grams, while the UK holds 800 and Germany only holds 600 grams.      

Overall, HiPP Dutch does not include any starch in any of their products but does include whey and Soy Lecithin in their STAGE 3 formula where probiotics were excluded.

Despite the improvements on the HiPP Dutch formula products, HiPP has and will continue to makes it their number one priority to only produce the best possible formula to your baby.

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