Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

We believe in BREAST IS BEST but....

There are mothers that prefer to breastfeed, others like to bottle feed, and some like to simply combine both. Combining both breastfeeding and bottle feeding works for many mothers that tend to have a busy lifestyle and need to get back on track with work after their pregnancy.

Many mothers shared their experiences with combining breast and bottle feedings, where their baby was not getting enough breast milk and therefore had to get bottle feedings as well. Including bottle feedings within breastfeeding allowed mothers to breastfeed for short periods of time, a few times a day and conveniently allow bottle feedings to add throughout day or night, where the father can be included as well.

There are multiple factors as to why Combined feeding is gaining more popularity among mothers, such as many mothers not having enough milk to fully satisfy their baby's hunger at once. Also, some mother’s don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public which makes bottles a perfect candidate to solve these problems.

What are some good reasons to consider the combination of breast and bottle feedings?

  • If the father wishes to be included in the feeding process
  • If you have twins
  • If your baby is not getting enough milk from breastfeeding alone

When using bottle feedings it’s best to own a one whole bottle, which requires the baby to work a little bit while drinking. When combining breast and bottle feedings make sure that you breastfeed more than giving bottles. This is to make sure that you continue to produce milk. Be sure to allow your baby to fully drink the breast empty due to most important ingredients being in the fat rich milk that is held within the back of the breast.

Lastly, there is not right or wrong way to choose with bottle or breastfeeding. It is important that that you feel comfortable and at ease with the feeding process of your child, as well as your baby feeling satisfied and happy after each feeding.

When you decide to Bottlefeed, please use only ORGANIC AND CHEMICAL FREE INFANT FORMULAS - SEE HERE