Difference between PRO and PRE biotic

Often times the ingrediants listed on the nutrition labels on Infant formula can be extremly hard to understand. As mother's and parents we are often concearned about what goes into formula in the first place, therefor here are some explanations of frequently asked terms. 


Probiotics already exist in your body and are naturally there to do their job of breaking down the nutrients that you consume multiple times a day. They can also be found in digestible food products like yougurt and sauerkraut. Probitics can also be taken as a diatary supplement in capsle form.


Prebiotics are undegestible but help with the growth of Probiotics. These can be found in the skin of apples as well as garlic beans and many other legumes and vegtables. Prebiotics can also prevent disease and help with the overall well being of your immunesystem.


Lactobacillus is another probiotic that is most commonly found in yougurt like products. This probiotic is usally taken by people that are lactose intolerant.

Galacto-oligosacharadies: belong to prebiotics. They produce important bacteria in the colon and work along with probitics. They are proven to be an essential part of a healthy immunesystem.otcs are included to ensure the health of the very sensitive digestive system.

WHY in babyformula?

The reason why you see both probiotic and prebiotic in Infant formula is because they work hand in hand to complement each other and allow your childs digestive system to stay healthy.

We get our probiotics and prebiotics through the nutrients we eat… Let’s say a bowl of Oatmeal with some fruits as breakfast, that’s 2 grams per ½ cup and has very high numbers prebiotics! A great example of a good source of fiber to start your day off right. Not to foret the vitamins you get from fruit.

Infants on the other hand, can not consume any solid or variety of foods yet. Their primary source of nutrition comes from either breastmilk or formula. In the case of formula, Prebiotics and probiotcs are included to ensure the health of the very sensitive digestive system.