Difference between HiPP Germany and HiPP UK

HiPP products are known to ensure outstanding quality as well as a trusting relationship with their customers. Yet, many people often wonder what the differences between the Germany HiPP and the UK HiPP products are. The Combiotic line sold in the UK contains prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides that are included to help with proper digestion for your baby, but includes no probiotics or starch. While the German HiPP carries products like stage 2 and 3 that contain starch as well as a different product stage 2 that does not include starch.


Key ingredients such as GEO's and probiotics are crucial for a healthy gut and proper digestion. All HiPP products are designed to be gentle yet nourishing and filling to baby’s. Starch is used as a secondary source for carbohydrates along with lactose. As mentioned before, starch is used in German HiPP products such as stage 2 and 3. Since for the first year of a baby’s life it’s main diet is breast milk or baby formula, starch is added to satisfy your baby’s hunger as it grows older and stronger.

HiPP Germany has a wide range of products for every baby’s needs. Baby’s that reacted to stage 2 or 3 including the starch, can chose another option such as the stage 1. While many other baby formula companies use sugars such as corn syrup, table sugar and brown rice syrup, HiPP focuses on the healthiest option to ensure your baby receives the best possible nutrition.