European Formula vs. American Formula

As we all know, breast is best for your baby. Yet not everyone is able to breastfeed or even wants to for their own personal reasons. If you are not breastfeeding then you are going to use formula to feed your child. Formula is different all around the world and has thousands of different brands as well as many different ingredients and regulations that differ from each country.

You may be asking yourself; How am I ever going to find the best possible quality baby formula for my child? The answer is, YOU have to trust your gut and see how YOUR baby reacts. Just because your friend’s baby loves one specific formula does not mean your baby will like it as well.

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Research is key. Find out what kind of brands are reviewed bad and do not include ingredients your baby needs to grow. Research key ingredients that are essential for a healthy development and look for them on the packaging of your chosen formula.

Many mother’s love European products due to their strict regulations of what is included in the formula. Trusted companies such as HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert produce safe and outstanding quality products where sugar is substituted with starch and creates a healthier sugar substitute. While most american formula brands use cheap sugars such as corn syrup, table sugar and brown rice sugar which can all lead to many health problems in the future the most common one being constipation

Almost all American formula brands include palm oil, while you would only rarely see palm oil in European products, instead they use Palmitic oil which is easier to digest as well.

Therefore, there are a lot of benefits to using European formula. If you are able to purchase/order from Europe then it is strongly suggested for the best possible quality.

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