Fish Oil in your Baby’s Organic Formula

Although the milk formula is now designed for the babies under one, the composition of the formula cannot be much closer than and as efficient as the mother’s feed. But still the formula is brought to improvement each time. The recent advancement hence include the use of fish oil to contain omega 3 fatty acids in the formula that is good for baby’s brain and sight development.

 Why fish oil?

DHA and ARA being the important part of mother’s feed are expected to be a part of the milk formula. These LCPs are important for the baby’s brain and sight development. DHA and ARA are synthesized by most formula manufacturers. Therefore Hipp Company uses the alternative for the presence of omega 3 and 6 in the organic baby formula.

Hipp Company uses Fish Oil in stage Pre and 1 of the formula. This formula is generally used by pre-mature babies for DHA deficiency.

Is fish oil good for the baby?

Fish oil has its own amazing benefits to the baby. Most importantly it saves from the synthesized proteins and a natural existence omega 3 in your baby’s diet. It is a very good for the presence of DHA and ARA in the diet of the baby. Fish oil is mixed with vegetable oil to be added to the formula and hence be a good source of Omega 3 for the kid’s consume.

Why avoid fish oil?

There are parents who will believe in bringing up their kid all vegetarian. Those will avoid the fish oil containing formula. These parents are recommended to have Hipp stage 2 formula for their little one. Mainly fish oil and algae oil are the sources of omega 3 that can be used for the baby formula. But most parents are concerned of the extraction process from the organism.

Some parents have family allergies that can be a reason for them to not have fish oil based organic formula. They will rather go for an alternative for the DHA presence in the formula.

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