From an only child to suddenly having a sibling, how to deal with jealousy among siblings

Often times a only child can feel left out when a new sibling is born and feels like all the attention is on him/her. Here is some important information on how to introduce a new child and how to make sure no one feels left out.

It is hard to give both children the same attention when a newborn comes into the family. A newborn requires a lot more time and needs to be watches every minute of their first weeks and months. This can be hard to understand for a younger sibling especially when both mom and dad are constantly tired form caring for the newborn.

To avoid future problems it is important to involve the older sibling as early as the pregnancy of the new child. Allow the older sibling to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, feel the belly as well as telling the sibling that the baby is a gift to the family and that it is something to be thankful for.

When the baby is born it is crucial to let the sibling see the baby as soon as possible. Explain how the sibling will take care and protect the newborn. When it comes to care, let the the older sibling apply cream onto the baby's body odor help out with certain things, this will make the sibling feel useful and make him feel needed.

The sibling needs to be involved inasmuch of the activities as possible in order to not feel left out. It might be hard at first but explaining how the child is growing is very important to the sibling being involved in it’s brothers/sisters life.