Has anybody tried Fennel Tea with their Babies?

The baby is not always in the best of its state to have the organic milk formula. The day it is feeling low on food is the day it will lose the nutrients essential for the body and in turn become weak. That day we mom’s also don’t know how to make our poor kid feel better. Mother’s this is one day we can move on to tea to make it feel good and refreshing. The Fennel Tea will be the perfect respite for the baby.

For some days are such the baby has had enough of milk and cereals and now just need the perfect balance of a tea to avoid the thickness and the full in its body. That day we really need to give the baby some time off and have a refreshing tea for a little bit of change.

The HiPP Natural Fennel Tea can be served from the start of the baby’s life. It is adaptable to the infant. The need of liquids can only be sufficed with this amazing tea. At times it sweats and there are the first temperature changes the baby can do with the tea just fine.

Its Ingredients include Organic fennel.

And the features of the HiPP Organic Fennel Tea are:

  • Sugar free
  • Proven not to damage teeth
  • gentle and simple to process
  • produced using organic, natural fennel
  • Can be delighted in hot or frosty
  • Rigorously tried for hurtful substances
  • Tea sack without metal clasp
  • Gluten free

The Tea can never be better and definitely I am not giving the regular tea to my kid.