How and what to eat during pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy diet when pregnant can be a very hard thing to do when all kinds of different cravings start to kick in and you can’t control yourself. Here is some information on what to eat during pregnancy and how to control cravings.

To make it easy; Whatever you eat, the baby eats as well. Therefor it is important to make wise decision when it comes to your daily diet. When a mother does not eat right or healthy during pregnancy it can have very negative outcomes. The baby will not develop right and a lot of things can go wrong during delivery. Making sure you have a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals that contribute to the growth of your baby as well as their overall immune system.

Fresh fruit, vegetables,healthy oils and fats are crucial to your diet. Healthy fats and oils can be attained by nuts and vegetables like avocados. Liquids include organic juices, herbal tea and plenty of water!

Vegetables such as broccoli and kale are very important as they are filled with folic acid that is an important mineral. Another important mineral is called iron. You can find this in quinoa, legumes (chickpeas). As well as vegetables such as salsify and spinach.

Total tabus during pregnancy are:

  • Alcohol- can cause severe damage even in little amounts therefore just leave it out!
  • Coffee and caffeine- is allowed in little amounts but is also not the best thing. Other alternatives are fruit juices.
  • Sugar- Sugar is allowed in small amounts, but be sure to control your sugar intake, this can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes in the baby.
  • Raw meat: Raw fish or raw animal meat can be very dangerous during pregnancy due to the bacteria that can cause salmonella, round or tapeworms.