How to deal with the question “You still breastfeed?”

Many mothers that breastfeed longer than 6-8 month’s get confronted with the question “Do you still Breastfeed?” by others. Breastfeeding is totally natural and there are many reasons why some mother’s continue with it until their child is 2 or even older then that.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond between mother and child that is crucial for building a trustworthy and safe relationship with your child. This is the main reason some decide to keep breastfeeding rather then stopping after a few months like others. Every mother has their own inner clock and knows when it is their time to stop. Some mother’s simply decide to stop earlier than others and try to judge those that breastfeed for a longer time. This can make mother’s that still love to breastfeed like an outcast and make them feel like they are doing something wrong.

Therefor it is good to have a few comebacks in your pocket in case someone still does not un

“You STILL breastfeed???!!!”

-Yes! Until she is able to breastfeed herself.

-Yeah… I don’t know either, she just does not seem to take beer or coffee.

-Yes, I still breastfeed, you wanna try?

-Who else is gonna do it? My husband sadly isn’t able to.

Hopefully these few humorous comebacks to the big question “You STILL Breastfeed?!” will help some mother’s in the future. Until then, keep your head up and do what you think is right.

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