How to properly prepare milk Formula

The proper preparation of Formula is an extremely important part in your baby’s diet. If measurements are not properly followed then this can lead to uncomfortable constipation or other problems in the long run. All instructions are listed on the box on every formula, yet there are a few steps that have to be stressed over and over to ensure safe preparation.

Shake the bottle! This is a very important step during preparation. The shaking of the bottle allows lipids (fat) that had build up to seperate and allow for easier digestion later on.

Another important step is to control the water temperature. First of the boiled water can not be given to the child right away. Allow the water to heat down or cool to the right and recommended temperature as suggested on the box instructions.

Please make sure that you always follow the exact measurements that are written on the box instructions, more/less water or formula will cause problems over time, if repeated constantly.

Wash your hands before preparing the formula or even touching the bottle, hygiene is very important especially if your baby is very young and has a weaker immune system. Washing bottles after they were used and storing them in a dry place where dirt can not reach is equally important as well.

Never improvise or add different ingredients to formula. Always follow box instructions exactly in order to be safe. If you have any questions regarding formula or want to switch, consult your pediatrician or doctor.

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