How to properly treat diaper rashes

Almost every baby has or will experience a diaper rash once. Diaper rashes occur through the constant contact between diaper, urine and feces. This affects mostly babies 9-12 months and can be a irritating image to looks at for parents.

Infants have very sensitive skin and if their diapers are not changed regularly an infection can be caused by the gases that are found in feces and urine. An infection or rash can be found at the bottom of the bum, inner thighs and in the genital area.

When changing diapers and cleaning the affected area be sure to be gentle, using body temperature warm water with a soft towel to clean the area and patting it dry afterwards.

Ways to avoid rashes and potential infections is changing your baby’s diapers regularly so that every time you notice the diaper is full you need to change it immediately. A rash cream can also be applied onto the affected area. Here, a calming non aggressive creme should be used. Consult your doctor to learn more about what creams are the best to use. Avoid any creams that have alcohol in them or any other harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin even more.

If the infection still has not passed then a doctor has to be seen to prescribe medications or other solutions.