Natural birth or C-section?

Giving birth to a child is the most natural thing in the world, but it does come with a few risk factors that many mothers fear. C sections are therefor the go to option for many mothers nowadays.

In recent years the rate of c-sections has gone up approx. 33%. Usually a c-section is only done if there was serious complications wither with mother or child that would make a natural delivery impossible so doctors would remove the child surgically. But today woman decide to do a c-section even with no serious probemations.

The position a mother is in during delivery can also be very helpful. An upright position is recommended during birth of the child due to gravity pushing the baby down naturally and the mother being able to push harder through this position. If the mother is asked which position she would like to be in during the deliver it is best is she is in the upright position instead of lying down on her back.

The better prepared you are for the delivery of your baby the less scared you will be. Many mothers like to take courses or visit a doctor multiple times to ask questions and be prepare for their special day.

Mothers that know more about pregnancy and delivery tend to have less pain and have less anxiety.

Some extra tips:

  • Make sure you are moving a lot (walking, small stretches) this will make it easier for the baby to have an easy and fast delivery.
  • Be patient and flexible, things can happen unexpectedly during delivery.
  • Have a loved one in the delivery room with you to hold your hand and comfort you.