The Difference between Powder, Concentrated Liquid, and Ready-to-Use Formulas

Now that you mothers have chosen the right organic baby formula it is on you to now choose the form of formula you want to buy for your kid. It depends on your preference on how you want to serve your kid. The details of each kid of formula are given below.

  • Powdered baby formula: - It comes boxed appropriately to take care that it is not exposed during shipment. It is also available in small packets or can be transferred in one according to each feed to travel with baby and baby formula. It is the cheapest of all forms of formula available. It needs to be prepared appropriately according to the instructions on the packet.

The powdered formula is not much expensive and can be used at a daily basis to feed the baby. It also comes with easy preparation that will not take much of your time for each feeding. Just keep in mind to store the formula in sterilized dry containers.

  • Concentrated liquid formula: - It is a costlier but a little easy to prepare baby formula. The formula is already dissolved but still needs some extra water prior to serving. Easily prepared and easy to handle. You just need to add some water before serving it to your baby. Using it in daily lives can take a larger chunk of your money.
  • RTF Organic formula: - RTF stands for ready to feed organic formulas. It is the most convenient and the most costly form of feeding the baby. It is mostly use for the newborns at the hospital. If the mothers are unable to nurse an instant feeding is the RTF milk. The ready-to-use formula milk ones opened cannot be stored for a long time even if it is refrigerated. And we should keep in mind to store it as directed.

Choose according to the need of the formula form. Buy RTF feed for your baby here!