The right Workout plan after pregnancy to get back in shape

Many mothers are unhappy with their body’s after pregnancy and want to get back into their old shape as quickly as possible. Your perfect shape does not even require a gym membership, it can be done all from home with your baby near you.

Flat tummy, a nice round bottom and an overall good feeling about himself is what many mother’s wish for after their long pregnancy. Many gym’s nowadays offer babysitting or even classes where mothers are able to bring their child with them. These are all great options but not always available to everyone.

It’s important to listen to your body when you start working out after pregnancy. Many mother’s forget the amount of pressure and stress they had to go through and the energy the body had to use to give birth. Your body first needs to rest and slowly get back into the routine of including some slow cardio or exercise into your daily routine.

Workouts can easily be done in your living room while your child is sleeping or playing. DVDs can be extremely helpful and can guide you through each step. WHether Yoga or aerobic there are plenty of all different kinds of exercising dvds that can help you get into shape. A favorite and very beneficial exercise is Pilates. Pilates triggers exactly those areas that need to be strengthened after pregnancy and can help you get back into shape as well.

While some like to stay at home or go to the gym, some mother’s like to go outside and breath fresh air during a jog or walk. When the baby is 8 months or older, you can take them on bike rides. Here it is important to make sure that the baby seat is secured and the baby has both seatbelts on at all times. It is also strongly advised that the mother should not bike any steep hills to ensure safety to both mother and children.  

You should not overwork yourself. Please make sure to stay hydrated during exercise and allow yourself to slowly get back into your routine.