The scandal over the female breast and how breastfeeding in public nowadays is strongly criticised

Long ago, Before there were alternatives to breastfeeding there was only one thing that a child had as nutrition, and that was the female breast. Without the mother’s milk the baby, let alone anyone in the world would have survived. Today, there are alternatives such as formulas that try to mimic breast milk. Yet, there is nothing in the world that works exactly the same way breastmilk does.

Stares, whispers and lots of dirty looks can become a daily routine for mothers that breastfeed in public. People nowadays feel uncomfortable when a mother tries to nurture her baby in public and throw out words like “That’s disgusting!” or “aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” On the other hand, what is a mother supposed to do when her baby is crying non stop because it is hungry? Should the mother rather starve her child and let it cry, or quickly sit down and nurture her child?

In our society today, the breast is looked at from a sexual way. This could be why people do not like to see woman exposing their naked breast in public. The female breast was already romatazised about during the renaissance period and was mentioned in novels and books with romantic themes. In the late 18 hundreds things took a slight turn and breastfeeding was a must for all women who had a child.

Only after the 70’s when more studies shared the benefits of breastfeeding, mother’s started to breastfeed more and it became more and more popular among mother’s. Still, there will always be people that have something negative to say about the natural way of feeding a child. For all mothers out there that breastfeed in public, do what you think is right and do not listen to what other people say!

REMEMBER BREAST IS BEST and if you can ALWAYS choose BF over Formula. Although if you can't BF for any reason there is, please choose ONLY organic and GMO free Formula. Not sure what to choose? check out Hipp, Holle & Lebenswert right here