Tips to Handle Your Baby’s Eating Habits

Little did I know after getting all the tips on what should my baby eat, I won’t know what to do about its repelling the food habit. Little did I know that a small tummy size has a small size food needs. We often neglect the fact and tend to make our kids overeat. Find out where you are going wrong:

The first and the foremost thing you need to do as parents is TRUST on your baby’s instinct. When he/she says that it is filled and doesn’t want anymore, he/she is probably right. That small sized tummy is really filled and you cannot make it eat an adult sized portion of food. People! Get the common sense. According to all the studies you SHOULD fear that your baby may get obese, because unless it is getting all the organic milk formula we know how much liquid should be taken and how much the baby takes. What after that:

When it is time for the food and cutting on to the organic formula and making sure he/she gets all nutrients through food we tend to make it overeat and think that is better for our kid. Little do we know that it is actually spoiling the eat habits of our baby. Before he/she stops recognizing its hunger we should stop making it force eat. Keep their eat senses alive by recognizing their emotional needs. Also know when is the right time to make your baby wean from milk to solids?

Recognize an off time and a near the full tummy need of food by your baby. Try and communicate with your little one. He/she might be eating out of anxiety or anger. Give it some words to put out its feelings to you and when you know the real reason for the food need, work on it accordingly. If it is really hungry make it another meal otherwise a little snack will do. If he/she is eating out of anger or anxiety; know its problem and try to work out another solution rather that eat. Make its mood lighter so it starts to play or nap as per the need. But NEVER spoil your kid’s eating habits as this may lead it to forgetting the need to recognize its hunger.

This further can make him/her eat excessively and get obese that is very common in today’s generation kids. Stay tuned for more such information about your kids!