What and Why Hypoallergenic Formula?

Do not worry it is for the mothers with the sensitive babies. If you are getting all haphazard about what formula to use, here is your savior.

Hypoallergenic Formula as the name suggests that it is for the babies that are suffering allergies and all sorts of problems after the intake of their feed. The regular organic baby food has Long Chain Proteins (LCP) that is difficult for some babies to digest. The HA baby formula is a protein hydrolyzed formula made for sensitive babies to make their organic food easy for them to digest. There are generally four ways to save your baby from sensitivities:

  • The mother’s breast milk is well equipped to adjust through the babies sensitivities. But sometime the allergy is from the lactose present in the breast milk, or an allergy running in the family for so long that the mother’s milk is not relieving for the baby.
  • The baby might have acid reflux or cow milk allergy this can be cured with the anti-reflux formula or Holle goat milk.

Note: The signs of digestive discomfort can be sought by the formula change according to the respective problems but most of them can also be sought through the intake of HA organic baby formula.

  • The regular Hypoallergenic Formula might help the baby overcome the little tummy troubles and infections it is facing by the intake of LCP in other formulas. In this kind of formula the LCP are broken down small chain proteins to make the formula go easy on the baby.
  • The Hyper Hypoallergenic Formula is for the babies with the seven problems listed below. The baby now will do well with this kind of formula where the protein is completely broken down called the amino acids – The building block of the proteins in our body.

All seven problems the baby might face when the hypoallergenic formula might come handy for the parents to deal with their baby’s discomfort are here in the blog!

Till then stick to the formula that best suits your baby.