What do I do if my baby is constipated?

Oftentimes babies experience constipation for various reasons. Although it is harder to recognize with young babies, it can be just as uncomfortable for them.

When do you know that your baby is constipated?

First off, there are any symptoms to consider before establishing that your baby is constipated. Many babies get constipated from formula milk or regular food because it is harder to digest than natural breastmilk. Each baby reacts differently to the ingredients that are inside regular food or baby formula.

One thing to remember when preparing formula is to be sure to always put the right amount of formula and water in the bottle. The water should be boiled off and cooled to the right temperature to ensure safe feeding.

A doctor should be seen if no or little stool has been found over multiple days. A doctor will be able to to examine the baby better and take a stool sample and go over solutions.

Tips to prevent constipation:

-If you are able to breastfeed and your baby is doing well with it too then it is very recommended to breastfeed because this reduces the risk of constipation due breastmilk being easier to digest.

- If you are looking for an organic formula which can help you with this issue and relieve your babies issue is the HIPP COMFORT. Specially designed for gassy, constipated Babies - this might be your choice of Formula to go with.


-As mentioned before, make sure to use appropriate amounts of water and formula is you are bottle feeding.

-Water, water, water! Always make sure you are giving your baby water throughout the day and after or before feedings.

Some symptoms of constipation include:

-Hard dry stool

-Stomach aches

-Crying when trying to poop

-Hard stomach