What does ‘Organic’ mean?

When you eventually start the search for the right baby feed, all you want for your baby is the best. So there has been a time when I went out in search of the Organic for my baby. Because of the so called trend and multiple suggestions over the internet I also wanted to give my kid all it needed to grow healthy and strong.

There had been a debate on most of the US based organic formulas but when I went into the complexities of what it is made of and what is best for the kid, look what I found out? There is no one perfect formula with No refined, high-concentrated sweeteners; No synthetic DHA or ARA; No synthetic preservatives. It was a hard luck to find something really organic. The use of DHA and ARA is just for marketing and they think rest of the preservatives and the like can hide under it. There is nothing like that. I will definitely look into other ingredients equally.

I began to research these two European Organic formulas, HiPP and Holle. It was pretty clear that these formulas came closer to what I would expect in organic baby food. No refined, high-concentrated sweeteners. No synthetic DHA or ARA. No synthetic preservatives. The main ingredient in Holle’s formula is milk that comes from pasture-fed cows raised on biodynamic farms, the Demeter quality High-standard milk.

European standards of food manufacturing are reliable enough for me to buy my baby’s formula feed from them. One big example of their union is that it has banned the usage of Carrageenan in all infant formula, because Carrageenan, a stabilizer, has been shown in animal studies to cause serious gastrointestinal problems. Whereas, Carrageenan is considered safe in US and is used in the liquid forms of both conventional and organic formula in the United States for its ability to keep liquids from separating — thus the companies have to print the words “Shake well before using” on the label. As a parent, it’s not hard for me to weigh those two standards, and I find myself inclined toward Hipp organic Formula and the Holle organic formula.

What Organic does not mean?

  • It does not mean giving unhealthy to my baby out of ignorance.
  • It does not mean compromising with the health of my baby.
  • It does not mean counting pennies rather than my baby’s nutrition count.
  • It does not mean falling into the trap of marketing.

What Organic means?

  • It means that I look into all standards of food developers and choose wisely.
  • I provide my kid with what is best for it.
  • I provide with something that is nutritious and healthy.
  • I don’t blindly follow companies channelized towards making money.


In the end I would like to say take care of your little one which is very precious for us!