What is Starch? Why is it needed in baby formula?

Starch is an essential component of the human diet and can be found in multiple simple daily things we consume, such as; Potatoes, rice and wheat etc. Starch is a carbohydrate that contains calcium, fibre and Vitmin B and eventaully is broken down to produce energy in our body.

Potatoes have lots of starch and are a great source of fibre in our daily diet. Whild many people think that Starch is only used for consumption purposes, it also is converted into sugars in most industries. Alcohol industires used starch to ferment starch to produce Whisky and beer. When starch is mixed with warm water it creates a similar use of glue and is therefor popular in many papermaking/printing industires.

WHY is Starch in baby formula?

There are a lot of misconceptions about starch and why it is used in formula.  As said before, Starch is an essential component of the human diet, which your baby needs especially in the growing phase. Starch is used in formula to keep your baby full for a longer amount of time. For some infants that have a hard time digesting starch, we offer multiple formulas that cantain NO starch.