What organic baby formula should I choose for my newborn?

You may just have had your first baby or second or even third, the point is that every baby you are going to have is going to be different and require different needs. One might be completely breastfeed, while the second may have been breastfeed and then switched to formula, or maybe you were not able to breastfeed at all or simply did not want to so you switched to formula only.

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Many mothers that have shared their experience with us have said that formula has opened up a whole new level of relaxation after having bad experiences with breastfeeding. While other mother’s started off with formula and loved it just as much.

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Yet, soon to be mom’s that are set on formula often ask the same question. “What organic baby formula should I choose for my newborn?” Well, this all depends on your baby’s needs. The best quality products come from Europe, therefore we recommend some of the best options for you to consider;


HiPP is by far one of the best quality products in Europe. Their outstanding quality of organic formula is guaranteed to provide your baby with only the best organic vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to grow strong. HiPP is known to be the closest thing to breastmilk and is therefor the most popular choice. One of their most popular formulas being the HiPP Pre, which is designed for newborn baby’s up to 6 months of age.



Holle is also one of the oldest most successful companies in Germany. Holle has Demeter farming and is known for their quality in their milk from using more fat within the milk to promote development for the baby.



Lebenswert only works with pure and organic products. Lebenswert is another company that is based in Germany and therefore has high standards for their regulations. Newborns begin with stage 1 which is popular for the lactose instead of cheap conventional sugars.