When is it the Right Time to Wean my Baby From Milk to Solids?

The entrance of the baby is going to be like the small boat hit by the big wave, but you know what’s going to be the twist the boat is going to be saved, streaming right clear through the wave. It is going to be a happy boat on the other side of the wave. The fear of sink did open your heart but filled it with happiness and a lot of experiences to come.

So are we guys ready to decide from the first towel to the essential check list. Yeah here on we can take a break and think of ‘whether to feed my kid with baby milk formula or something else?’ Now you are damn right you have another filled care job coming your way. 

First of all when is the right time to start weaning? It’s over 6 months. Yes, your kid is eating no solids before the age of 6 months. Remember I told you that how weak and under-developed is your baby’s inside body. For now you should give it nothing that its delicate body cannot take. For heaven’s sake! This is not the time he can take in toxins and get all exposed and deal with it. The liver, the kidneys and the stomach itself cannot contain so much.

Remembering those old days I remember nothing, just the mashed bananas that I loved. So I enquired my mother and here is the order of foods that should be started after 6 months of age for your baby.

  • Keep in mind that you do not give cow’s milk rather than the formula based cow milk to your kid, it contains high amount of salt and potassium that immature kidneys can’t handle.  It also contains proteins which infants cannot digest.
  • Follow this order of food for your baby for now: vegetables, fruit (not oranges), nuts and seeds (ground), pulses and beans, rice, meat, oats, barley, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and potatoes). Remember to not include these veggies at first,
  • Then the oranges, wheat, milk products and eggs. These should not be given before the age of 12 months.
  • The foods in the starting should be soft running foods into then and easily digestible. Like I told you about bananas don’t feed them until they are having black spots on it so that the fiber is easily digestible.
  • Avoid strong flavors, saucy, salty and sugary products at such an early age.
  • As a kid I loved plain rice balls that can be an idea for the afternoon’s meal today.


Enjoy serving it through the Thick and the Thins; it is definitely going to give you a lot of experience.